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Photos from the April STARS Luncheon

Here’s a link to view the photo album from the April 10th STARS (Seniors Taking Active Retirement Seriously) Luncheon at PSUMC.  The photo album is on facebook, but you can view it even if you aren’t on facebook!  CLICK HERE to see the pictures.  


PSUMC College Scholarship Applications Available

Must be a PSUMC Member to apply.  Please enclose a copy of your transcript and turn in a one and a half page essay of why you deserve the scholarship  (Name will be removed for anonymity). College Scholarship Application 2016 Please return to: Polk Street United Methodist Church Attention: DeAnne Oliver 1401 South Polk Street…


One Time Wednesdays

One Time Wednesdays are a  learning buffet.  You select only the items that interest you.  Designed for late spring when schedules get busier, each class happens only once so there’s no feeling guilty if you have to skip a class  because of other obligations. Classes will meet at 6:00-7:00 p.m. in the Sanctuary except April…

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