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May 20 Evening Update

We concluded General Conference with the worship theme of “Go”. This General Conference has been a success legislatively. We dealt with  1,450 of the 1,500 petitions. Part of that success was the moving of all petitions dealing with human sexuality be referring them to the special commission the Bishops will appoint known as “A Way…


May 19 Evening Update

Today was probably the best day of the music and preaching staying on the main gospel proclamation. It was a great way to start the day. Rev Rich Jones and I have been subbing in for Rev Jimmy Nunn and Rev Stan Cosby so that they can get some rest from constantly being on the…


Pastor Burt’s May 18 Report from GC2016

This report is long, but I will try to summarize a long and complicated day. Today began with wonderful worship that had great music and preaching.  We started our Plenary Session on time and dealt with some important but not divisive issues.  Then we had a break and the mood of the day changed. Upon…


May 17 Evening Update

First, please pray for all of the delegates of General Conference.  Early this morning Bishop Bruce Ough, President of the Council of Bishops, indicated that the Bishops were as divided as the conference and would simply monitor the process.  Our Bishops responded to a non-binding motion that they lead the church and did not participate…

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