Checking Kids in & out of Children’s Department Events

At Polk Street United Methodist Church, one of our main objectives in Children’s Ministry is to provide kids of all ages with a safe, welcoming environment and to provide parents with a secure knowledge that their children are safe and in the capable hands of trained volunteers and staff.

To meet that goal, we have several processes in place to create that safe environment.  We strictly adhere to all policies and tenets of our Safe Sanctuary program in our volunteer and staff selection, screening, and training.

One important element of our safety system is our system for checking children in and out of activities. This procedure is one of the ways to help us ensure that children are being picked up by the right person.  At our January  2017 meeting, the Children’s Council reaffirmed the Safe Sanctuaries policy and issued the following statement regarding checking children in and out:

A check-in system that issues name tags and security stubs with matching codes will be used at all children’s events.  Children will only be released to an adult who has the corresponding code on their security stub.  In the case of lost or missing stubs, children may only be released by a pastor, children’s minister, or nursery coordinator.

To help us keep your children safe, please help us with the following:

  • Because we are a downtown church with multiple entrances, we ask that children (all the way up to 5th grade) be brought to their classrooms and activity areas by their parents/guardians. Though we don’t require that you stay on church property for your children’s activities, we ask that you not drop them off at the curb or make them come to the parking lot unattended.
  • We consider this safety measure important enough that we will have a zero tolerance policy regarding security stubs.  Volunteers must see the matching code before releasing a child even if they have known the family for years.
  • We realize that a child might need to be picked up by a family member or friend sometimes and that it isn’t always possible for the parent/guardian to get the security stub to the person picking up their child.  In that case, one of the people listed above (pastor, children’s minister, or nursery coordinator) will be called before a child is released.  This removes the responsibility of judgement calls from all of our volunteers and helps us keep your children safe.
  • The matching codes on the name tags and security stubs are unique to each child and change every time.
  • In the event that the computer system is not working, a manual backup system is in place with name tags and security stubs with unique codes.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Ken Knight in the church office at 374-2891 or