“Heroes!” Short Term Adult Sunday Study Begins 4/23

All adults are invited to join us on Sunday mornings in Wesley Hall for a 5-week short study called “Heroes!”  The class will meet weekly from 9:40-10:40 am and no RSVP is required.  Though the five lessons are all connected, each lesson stands by itself so you won’t be lost if you miss a week or two!

During “Heroes!” we’ll explore the same stories and themes that the kids will encounter during this summer’s Vacation Bible School.  The lessons were created with parents, guardians, & volunteers in mind, but everyone is welcome.  The study will be led by our director of children’s ministries, Ken Knight.

As we explore each of the 5 themes, we will:

  • Check out some modern day heroes that tie into the daily theme,
  • Take a shot at some hero trivia and look at some video clips of famous heroes,
  • Dig into the Bible background and find out ways to talk to kids about the story, and 
  • Figure out what these daily themes mean to us as we go through our daily lives at home and work.

The five themes we’ll explore are:

  1. Samuel Anoints David: God’s heroes have heart!
  2. Abigail Saves the Day:  God’s heroes have courage!
  3. Jesus Goes to the Temple:  God’s heroes have wisdom!
  4. Beatitudes:  God’s heroes have hope!
  5. Pentecost:  God’s heroes have power!

If you have any questions, contact Ken at kenknight@psumc.com or 374-2891 x107