Project Hope – Coaching Success… Inspiring Families…Transforming Lives

Project Hope is a brand new mission opportunity for PSUMC.  The model for this ministry was developed by Christ United Methodist Church in Plano where Rev. Margie McNeir formerly served. After visiting with Margie about the success they had in Plano of helping people out of the cycle of poverty, the missions committee voted to begin our own Project Hope here in Amarillo.  Project Hope is a unique, successful and much needed ministry that was established to help people move from an impoverished life to a sustainable, quality life.  The program uses a tough love approach to ministry.

Project Hope is people intensive and utilizes many different assets and resources.  Most of all, it is a ministry that truly helps people help themselves by learning responsibility and growing personally.  It depends on active, on-going, meaningful involvement by volunteers who provide the participant many forms of coaching.  We are currently building our first team and have identified our first family for this ministry.  Stay tuned for more as we begin a new adventure in the life of Polk Street United Methodist Church.  Questions? Contact Kevin Deckard 374-2891