A-TEAM (Youth Support)

Be Apart of the “A” TEAM!

A team made up of Adults that support and help the Youth Group!


Here are some ways for you to serve:

  1. Parents please sign up for a date to bring a youth dinner for a Sunday Night
  2. Parents please sign up to be an Adult Helper on a Sunday Night
  3. Dates that still need to be signed up: September 24th, November 5th, November 19th, and December 17th.

– In order to run our youth program in compliance with our safe sanctuary policies, we need two additional adults for each Sunday night program. DeAnne and her husband Jared cannot be the only two adults with the youth because they are a married couple and we must have two people present that are not married ( that’s the policy).

Please contact DeAnne Oliver if you would like to bring a snack supper or be an adult helper!


806-374-2891 Ext: 108