Adult Sunday School Classes

"Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near."

Revelation 1:03

Sundays 9:45 a.m.

Room 308 | 3rd floor
Bible-based lessons are led by invited guest teachers knowledgeable in their topic. Questions are encouraged as part of the learning experience. Monthly dinners and a variety of service projects are an important part of this group’s ministry. The group is comprised of mostly Empty Nesters and retired professionals.

Discovery Class 
Room 201 | 2nd Floor
This class is comprised mostly of "Xennials" in their thirties: singles and couples; some having young children. We seek to discover God's will through interactive, discussion-based lessons led by various members of the class or one of our church staff. On Wednesday evenings the group may participate in a Bible study, mission project, or other fellowship activity. For more information, check out @DiscoveryClassPSUMC on Facebook.

Room 207 | 2nd floor
This class is a mix of traditional and single-parent families. Most have children ranging from elementary to college age. This class studies the Bible and seeks to apply those Biblical lessons to current life issues. Throughout the year, fellowship gatherings and mission projects are organized for the whole family.

Genesis Class
Wesley Hall | Christian Life Center
Genesis seeks to explore, develop, and challenge thoughts and perspectives about living a Christian life in a complicated world. Most of this group are empty nesters with some having children in college and some having grandchildren.

Home Builders
Room 301 | 3rd floor
This class begins with singing and prayer and follows the International Adult Bible Study. Teachers rotate monthly leadership in Bible study. You may also choose to join the class fellowship of weekly meals out or occasional gatherings at a class member’s home. 60 and over

Room 303 | 3rd floor
One New Testament book at a time is studied throughout the year. A study guide is used during each lesson to help facilitate discussion and growth in one’s faith journey. The class ages range from mid- 40’s and beyond. Comprised of families with children and youth. Class time together begins with conversation followed by mutual support and encouragement. The discussion is based upon the Bible readings.

Life Two-Gether
Room 205 | 2nd floor
Visiting teachers lead the class in a study of a wide range of topics. Class members enjoy the fellowship of being part of a Christian community.
60 and up

District Office on Polk Street
This class uses the Adult Bible Studies publications in an effort to know God and understand our place in His world. The format is based upon discussion and fellowship. Men 50 and up

Mobley Class  
Room 304 | 3rd floor
The Bible is studied from the perspective of history,  literary style, authors, and what the text meant during Biblical times as well as what it means for life today. Mission outreach is a high priority for this class as they provide blankets for homeless children, help with Snack Packs for Kids, and High Plains Food Bank. Over 50

New Hallelujah Class
206 Library | 2nd floor
If you want lessons centered on a Bible-based curriculum then check out Hallelujah. The format of this class begins with the lesson first promptly at 9:40 a.m. so that choir members may fully participate before leaving at 10:30 for choir warm-up. After the lesson, there is a time of fellowship before the 10:55 a.m. worship service begins.

Room 306 | 3rd floor
Various topics are presented by multiple leaders with each lesson seeking to challenge growth in faith and faithfulness throughout one’s Christian journey in life. 50 and up