September 27, 2022

Members/staff present: Susie Akers, Chelsi Plummer, Dan McIlroy, Autumn Flowers, Charles King, Patsy Norvelle, Eric Miller, Jan Cooksey, Miles Neely, Paula Moore, Lesly Broadbent, Stephania Gilkey, Kevin Deckard, Merri Padilla, Mike Jones, Joshua London, Melissa Stovall, and Cathy Coberly

Susie called the meeting to order at 6:04 P.M and gave the opening prayer.

The minutes of the August 23 Church Council were approve by consent. Cathy noted that the minutes of the Denominational Study group should be corrected to say Group Me instead of Group Meet. These minutes were approved as corrected. Susie asked that all minutes be completed within 5 days and sent to herself and Pastor Lesly.

The Council felt like the videos had been helpful. Kevin thought smaller groups led to a better discussion. Eric noted that the videos had increased Sunday school attendance.

Pastor Lesly said that he will be starting some FAQ video sessions lasting about 2 minutes addressing many of the questions that he has been getting. Suggested topics include church property, why now, other options, etc. He noted that the camps such as Ceta Canyon are not property of the UMC and therefore not part of the disaffiliation process.

Pastor Lesly asked for permission to modify the minutes of Aug. 23rd to remove the individual names of the churches from other denominations we plan to interview. The Council agreed.

The Northwest Annual Conference will cease to exist as of July 1, 2023. There are systems in place to accommodate our churches. The Global Methodist Church is establishing the West Plains Annual Conference and remaining United Methodist churches will be combined with another Annual Conference probably the Oklahoma Annual Conference.

Discernment Process: Study Group 2 will examine about seven different denominations of a Wesleyan origin. The purpose is to determine if one of these would be a good fit for PSUMC if we were to disaffiliate from the UMC. They will recommend to the Church Council two or three best options. The Council will decide if we want to make a recommendation to the Church Conference.
Study Group 1 will interview two churches of another denomination to assess the impact of their split several years earlier. This group plans on having the interviews completed by Nov. 15th  and report to the Church Council on Nov. 29th.

We expect to hold two more informational meetings for the congregation in January and February. These meetings will include information on staying with the UMC or other options as explored by Study Group 2. If we were to disaffiliate we want to have a plan for how to move forward. Members of Study Group 2 are Larry, Autumn, Miles, Susie, Stephania and Lesly.

New Business: Pastor Lesly said that the church needs additional security on Wednesday evenings. This will cost about $5,000 per year. He asked that we approve an additional $1,100 to our current budget. The Council approved by consensus. The cost of security for next year will be referred to the Finance committee.

Kevin  closed the meeting with a prayer. The meeting was adjourned at 7:27 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Cathy Coberly, Recording Secretary