November 14, 2022
Members/staff present: Susie Akers, Chelsi Plummer, Zac Plummer, Dan McIlroy, Autumn Flowers, Charles King, Patsy Norvelle, Kim Davis, Eric Miller, Freddy Palacios, Mel Stapleton, Lesly Broadbent, Stephania Gilkey, Merri Padilla, Joshua London, Mike Jones, Melissa Stovall and Cathy Coberly

Susie called the meeting to order at 6:03 P.M. Pastor Lesly gave the opening prayer. The minutes of the Oct. 25th meeting were distributed.

Dan reported on the results of Study Group One which looked at the impact of a denominational split on two Amarillo churches.

Susie summarized the results of Study Group Two. They compared the characteristics of seven other denominational options.

Chelsi inquired as to connectional opportunities with other churches especially in regard to youth activities. As Eric put it, if we remain UMC do we become an island unto ourselves?

Pastor Lesly stated that in larger churches the Church Council is making a recommendation to the congregation as to the best choice for that church. Therefore, in our next meeting, Jan. 19th our Church Council will take a vote on which option we support. There will be a secret ballot with two boxes - to remain UMC or to disaffiliate. In the case that PSUMC votes to disaffiliate, the Council will also make a recommendation as to the next step. This could include moving to one of several different denominations or going independent. Members have to be present to vote. In the case of inclement weather, Pastor Lesly and Susie can make the decision to have a Zoom vote.

On Jan. 22nd we will have an all church informational meeting from 4 P.M. to 5:30 P.M. The Council will present their recommendation to the congregation. It will include a summary of the findings of the two Study Groups. Questions will be taken in writing. In the case of inclement weather Pastor Lesly and Susie can choose to postpone the meeting. If this necessitates moving the Jan. 29th vote, the District Superintendent will have to be consulted.

 During our time of church wide prayer and fasting Pastor Stephania will be e-mailing devotionals and also ways to address the pain and grief that many of our members are experiencing.
Autumn asked if there were plans in place in regard to how we would check people in for the Jan. 29th meeting. Pastor Lesly said that the District Superintendent will make that determination. We will have a new D.S. by that time.

Any PSUMC member needing a ride to the meeting on the 29th can call the church office and arrangements will be made.

Pastor Stephania closed the meeting with a prayer. The meeting was adjourned at 8:16 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Cathy Coberly
Recording Secretary