Aug. 23, 2022

Members/staff present: Susie Akers, Zac Plummer, Kim Davis, Chelsi Plummer, Dan McIlroy, Larry Orman, Autumn Flowers, Charles King, Patsy Norvelle, Jan Cooksey, Lesly Broadbent, Merri Padilla, Mike Jones, Melissa Stovall, Lindsey Nesbitt and Cathy Coberly

Susie called the meeting to order at 6:01P.M. Pastor Lesly opened the meeting with a prayer. Susie gave a devotional regarding delays and persistence based on Daniel 10: 12-13. The minutes of the July 28th meeting were approved by consent.

Pastor Lesly said that the idea of taking a straw poll had elicited a negative response from our congregation and in other congregations that had held one. He suggested that we remove the straw poll requirement from the “Polk Street UMC Discernment Process Recommendation”. The Council agreed.

It was agreed that the members of the Church Council would be in prayer every day at noon for four weeks starting Sept. 5th and we would fast Fridays at noon for four weeks starting Sept. 9th. Clergy will provide prayers guides which will be shared with the Council via email.

Pastor Lesly let the Council know that he would not be accepting transfers of membership for persons who had already voted on disaffiliation in another UMC until after our vote. He also said that he will be doing videos on FAQ for our congregation.

Two study groups were formed. The first is to look at some Amarillo churches to see the impact of a denominational split on their congregations. It was recommended to interview the senior pastors of two churches in Amarillo who have gone through a denominational split. Dan, Charles, Chelsi and Cathy volunteered for that group. The second group is to study other denominational options such as Nazarene, Wesleyan, independent, etc. Larry and Autumn volunteered for this group. Lesly will ask for more volunteers from the Council via email. It was recommended that the groups start by the first of October.

Charles urged all members to read paragraph 2553 of the Discipline which addresses how a church can disaffiliate.
Pastor Lesly closed the meeting with a prayer. The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Cathy Coberly, Recording Secretary