Denominational Study Group

September 13, 2022

Present: Susie Akers, Chelsi Plummer, Charles King, Stephania Gilkey, Cathy Coberly

Purpose: To assess the effect of disaffiliation on Amarillo churches of other denominations.

Key information and data committee will consider:
  • Prior and post disaffiliation income
  • Congregational demographics and attendance
  • Clergy/Staff changes
  • Theological changes
  • How did division happen – process, timeline, penalties, trust clauses
  • How were outreach programs affected if a connectional denomination
Would like to talk to Senior Pastor and a lay leader (of different generations if possible).

Will use meeting with the Bostons at Susie’s house on Sept. 29th to consider churches to interview

Discussed using “Group Meet” as a communication tool for this study group.

Action items:
  • Dan will coordinate interviews with candidate churches
  • Interviews and report will be completed by Nov. 15th and reported to Church Council on Nov. 29th.
Compiled by Cathy Coberly