Sept. 27, 2022
Denominational Study Group
(Study Group 1)

Present: Susie Akers, Dan McIlroy, Eric Miller, Chelsi Plummer, Charles King, Lesly Broadbent, Stephania Gilkey, and Cathy Coberly

Purpose: To assess the effect of disaffiliation on Amarillo churches of other denominations.

Issues discussed:
  • Both churches had a conservative or liberal slant before the split.
  • Questions about their budgets, attendance, etc. should be about trends, not specific numbers.
  • We should submit most of the questions in advance of the interview.
  • Use of “GroupMe” as a communication tool within the group.

Action items:
  • Pastor Lesly will talk to the pastors of these churches to let them know we would like to talk to them.
  • Dan will contact these pastors to set up interview dates.
  • All members of the group are to send questions to Dan who will review and synthesize them for use in the interviews.

Compiled by Cathy Coberly