Session Four  |  Rev. Rob Renfroe

Today’s session will include two videos of a six part series by Rev. Rob Renfroe, an associate pastor of the Woodlands UMC in Houston. Rob has been a longtime advocate for conservative causes and has been on the front lines in this disagreement for the past 40 years. Rob is known in most circles to represent the farthest right wing of the United Methodist Church. These two videos were selected from the series because of time limits and these two videos are the best synopsis of the six videos.
Rev. Renfroe makes the argument that the current United Methodist Church will cease to exist as it will change dramatically. If 30% of the UMC, made up of the more conservative American Methodist congregations, leave the denomination what impact do you think that will have on the denomination?

Rev. Renfroe makes the argument that our current United Methodist situation is untenable and ungovernable because our rules are not being enforced or followed. What difference does it make if our denominational rules are not being kept by significant sections of our denomination?  What is the impact on Polk Street if another church in Amarillo in our denomination doesn’t obey our denominational rules?

Rev. Renfroe makes the argument that the Global Methodist Church will be less controlling, bureaucratic, and leaner than the United Methodist Church. Do you believe that will be the case? Is that a positive or negative in your mind?