Session One  |  Rev. Adam Hamilton

Our first video is by Rev. Adam Hamilton. Many of us know Rev. Hamilton from his very popular books and studies we have used throughout the years here at Polk Street. This video was part of a Zoom call conducted for our Annual Conference.  Please join us as we watch Rev. Hamilton. We will have some time for questions and discussion after this 30 minute video.
What are the reasons Rev. Hamilton said he believes the UMC is a better church than the GMC will be?

Better doctrinal statements
More openness to different thoughts, beliefs, and practices
The UMC is a 54 year old denomination that is already developed rather than a newly developed and very small denomination

What are the positive points of his argument?  What do you see as the negative points of his argument?

Rev. Hamilton believes the prohibition against officiating same gender marriages and the prohibition of self-avowed practicing homosexuals from being clergy will be removed from the United Methodist Book of Discipline in 2024.  What is your response to the removal of those prohibitions?  How would the removal of these prohibitions impact Polk Street and our church’s practices?  Would this be a change for Polk Street?

What is your response to Rev. Hamilton’s statement that the doctrine of the United Methodist Church will not change? Have you heard instances in which the doctrine of the UMC is being ignored by clergy, churches, or bishops? Does this make a difference to you?

Is there a difference between doubt and outright rejection of core doctrinal statements?

What is your response to Rev. Hamilton’s statement that not everyone has to believe the same on everything? Is there a difference between personal choice and denominational practice?