Session Three  |  Rev. Jeff Greenway

Today, we begin the first of two sessions hearing from those who are making the case for United Methodist congregations to join the Global Methodist Church. These two presenters are in a very different settings than our two previous presenters. Our first two were on a zoom call with D.S. Felicia Hopkins in a presentation for the NWTX Conference. Our next two presenters are in two very different contexts in their presentations. I say that to challenge you to not make a decision based on the quality of the presenter or even video quality, but instead on the facts as they are presented.

Remember, these videos are not intended to make up your mind for you. These videos are for you to hear both sides of the argument as we begin this discernment process. This is the beginning of the discernment process. You will need to do your own research and discernment throughout the next few months.

Today’s video is of Rev. Jeff Greenway, pastor of Reynoldsburg United Methodist Church in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. He is addressing a gathering of those interested in joining the Global Methodist Church. This presentation will give a bit more background to the conflict and describe how we’ve arrived at where we are.  Like before there will be a time of questions and discussion after the video plays.
Have you seen instances where the center of the denomination has moved?  Where would you define yourself?  Far left of center, left of center, center, right of center, or far right of center?  Where do you perceive the center to be?

Rev. Greenway focuses much of his argument on the systemic issues of our denomination.  He calls our situation ungovernable, and he discusses denominational issues rather than local church issues.  How important is a denomination compared to a local congregation?  How much of an impact has the denomination had on Polk Street?

Rev. Greenway says our denomination has very different theologies including the nature, role, and authority of Scripture, the significance of Jesus, the nature of sin and need of atonement, and the meaning of salvation and sanctification.  How important is it for a denomination to agree on its core theology?  Do you believe a big tent theology has been successful for the past 54 years of United Methodist history?

Dr. Greenway outlines his top ten reasons we should consider being part of the Global Methodist Church.  What were the reasons that you agree with?  What were the reasons you disagree with?