Transition Pathways

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord,
plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope."

Jeremiah 29:11

Video Sessions

Welcome to our video study process regarding Polk Street's decisions as our denomination is experiencing changes. As you are likely aware, our denomination's issues coincide with issues that our culture is facing. Our culture is changing rapidly, and those rapid changes impact the Church in Western culture. Many believe the Church must change to become more relevant to culture, while others believe the Church must remain faithful to its historical presentation and demands of the Gospel. The decisions we are facing are very serious decisions and ones that should not be made lightly. These decisions will likely impact the short-term and long-term future of Polk Street.

Although whatever decision we make, Polk Street will continue to be Polk Street, a church where all are welcome, where the Gospel is presented and lived out daily, and where traditional forms of worship are celebrated. 

Discernment Process 

As the United Methodist Church enters into a season of transition, Polk Street has adopted our process of discernment for this important decision. The above video outlines our approach to understanding the options that are before us. We hope the information in this video will help explain our process as we begin to discern God's will for our church.

Polk Street's Discernment Process

The following process was adopted by the Polk Street Church Council on July 28, 2022.  Updates to this process in response to questions and concerns will be updated on this webpage.
September 11-October 2, 2022:
A series of four videos will be shown to groups of 50 members on Sunday mornings during Sunday school time.  If another time is necessary, the clergy will select the time and day to reach as many people as possible.  These groups may be individual Sunday school classes, combined Sunday school classes, or others who do not attend Sunday school. The Pastor and Church Council Chair will select the combination of Sunday school classes.  A script for the leaders of these groups and curriculum will be followed by the leaders of these groups.  

The leaders of these groups will be selected by the Pastor and Church Council Chairperson.  It is anticipated that six to nine leaders will be needed.

During the four weeks these videos are shared and discussed the Church Council will commit to praying daily for our church’s discernment and will practice fasting during those four weeks.  At the minimum, we will fast lunch each Friday.  Others may choose to practice other forms of fasting.  

Winter 2022:
A study group will be formed from the Church Council to study the anticipated impact on remaining in the United Methodist Church or joining the Global Methodist Church.  The group will study the changing landscape of the Northwest Texas Annual Conference as most churches are voting on disaffiliation this summer and fall.  They will also study the financial costs and potential financial ramifications of both options.  Likewise, they will study churches in Amarillo who have gone through this process in other denominations by talking to pastors and studying statistical information.
January 2023:
The members of Polk Street will be invited to join together for two weeks of prayer and fasting from January 15-29.  During these two weeks a guide to prayer and fasting will be made available to all congregants.

A church-wide meeting will be held on January 22 at 4 p.m. in the sanctuary to receive the reports of the study groups of the Church Council and for the Church Council to make a recommendation.  

On January 29 at 4 p.m. a Church Council will be held in the sanctuary to vote on our denominational affiliation.  The District Superintendent will preside over the meeting following very strict protocols adopted by the Bishop, cabinet, and the Northwest Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church.  Paragraph 2553 of the United Methodist Book of Discipline will be followed.

Helpful Link

The Northwest Texas Annual Conference has provided some very helpful information on the options available to United Methodist Churches in our area. You can find that information on their website here.

Meeting Minutes

For the sake of transparency and clear communication the Church Council decided it is important to post the minutes of the meetings held by the Church Council and its study groups here.  Please check back each month for more minutes.  The findings and reports of the study groups will be posted here when their studies are completed.