Life Lessons from Pastor Mark 10.22.19

The Power of Volunteerism                    

Last Saturday, Amarillo hosted the Region I Marching Band Competition at Dick Bivins stadium. 38 schools from all over the panhandle, from Happy to Tascosa and from 1A to 6A, competed from 10:00 am to 9:30 pm. There were a lot of buses, trailers, instruments, flags, parents, band members, and even football players (some football teams came to support their band who supports their football team at their games) that came to be a part of this very important contest.

Our very own Ken Knight was in charge of the army of volunteers from the Amarillo High School Sandie Band, who worked this University Interscholastic League event. So many volunteers escorted bands to and from the stadium, welcomed bands in the parking lot, took tickets, ran scores, cooked food, ran errands, cleaned areas, and helped make this competition the first class contest that it is. They worked countless hours not only that day, but also months ahead to prepare for it.

Not only them, but all the volunteers that came with the buses from each band was impressive. So many faithful parents and supporters driving hours, unloading equipment, loading up again, and supporting their band.

Without these volunteers, this competition couldn’t take place. I was in awe of so many people willing to give up their Saturday and beyond for their kids, their local High School, and their band. They didn’t have to, no one made them, and they weren’t paid to do it (but the free drinks and snacks sure were timely), but they volunteered anyway.

I couldn’t help but think of the church. It’s the longest standing well-run organization based on volunteerism. So many people give of their time, talents, and treasures to make it go so well. They don’t have to, no one makes them, and they aren’t paid to do it (but sometimes there are free donuts and coffee involved). I am in awe of our volunteers at Polk Street. But it’s not only at our church, but all churches everywhere.

So, whether you volunteer at a band competition or at church, thank you for volunteering – it matters, and you are a blessing!


Jacob Kuker