Life Lessons from Pastor Mark 10.29.19

A Festive Thanks! 

Thank you Polk Street UMC… for making the Fall Festival such a blessing to not only our church, but so many families in Amarillo. Rev. Margie McNeir, our staff, our volunteers, youth, families, and especially our kids, were absolutely amazing!  I love serving at a church that has a heart to reach people in fun and meaningful ways.

As our staff reflected on the Fall Festival at our weekly staff meeting on Monday, we praised and thanked God for the remarkable festivities…

  • ·       750+ people were at our Fall Festival

  • ·        9 Choirs performed

  • ·        5 tubs of candy were given by members of Polk Street

  • ·        Those 5 tubs of candy were given out to kids at the Fall Festival

  • ·        500 hot dogs were provided by our UMM

  • ·        16 booths (and 1 inflatable) helped families engage

  • ·        500 snow cones were given in the endless line of people

  • ·        19 prizes were given out

  • ·        250 treat winners at the Cake Walk given by our CDC

  • ·        50 volunteers

  • ·        25 Youth Volunteers

  • ·        200+ First Time Families

  • ·        300 Faces painted

  • ·        50 pumpkins decorated

  • 100 pieces of balloon art made and given to attendees

  • ·        2 parking lots filled (Polk Street and Amarillo College)

  • ·       3 Officers protected us

Polk Street is so blessed to have such a first-class space as the Christian Life Center to host all of these members, guests, kids, and games indoors. Thank you to so many, who years ago, had the vision, capacity, and generosity to build our Christian Life Center to help Polk Street be such a vital part of our community!

So again, just know how thankful your pastor and staff are to serve the Lord with such a wonderful church family called Polk Street UMC!


Jacob Kuker