Life Lessons from Pastor Mark 11.5.19

Well… Butterfinger!                                  

What is your favorite candy bar? I love Butterfingers!  Don’t get me wrong, I mean, I won’t say no to any candy bar really, but Butterfingers are definitely my favorite. So, this Halloween, we bought a few bags to give out to the flood of kids we expected to knock on our door.

Halloween is amazing to me. People buy tons of candy and freely give it to kids who get to dress up and simply say, “Trick or Treat” and hold out a bag? Yes, and it is very cool and a highlight for kids to accrue an arsenal of sweets to last them a little while.

When Halloween night came, we were ready. The pumpkins were carved, the Jack-O-Lanterns were lit, the decorations were up, the light was on, and the candy was ready. However, we only received a trickle of kids compared to what we expected. We expected to give out all of our candy and have to raid our own kids new candy treasure to supplement all of the area kids who were so desperately in need of our candy. Instead, we had a bunch of Butterfingers left over (ah shucks).

Well, the night didn’t turn out like we thought it would. We weren’t the neighborhood candy kings where droves of kids came, like I expected. But I do have a new Butterfinger arsenal that is a blessing… nonetheless.

Sometimes our reality doesn’t meet our expectations, no matter how brightly lit our Jack-O-Lanterns are. Sometimes life doesn’t turn out like we planned, no matter how good the decorations look. Sometimes even the best made plans take a turn, even if we give out free candy. But in those changes, there is often a blessing, even if it is just a bunch of Butterfingers.

Jacob Kuker