Life Lessons from Pastor Mark 7.14.19

Life Lessons – Ceta Canyon

          Ceta Canyon is a special place. Polk Street has a young group of campers at the Ceta Canyon “Whoz We R” camp who are eagerly anticipating a wonderful week. They registered, packed up on Saturday, were prayed for on Sunday, and warmly welcomed by faithful counselors on Monday.

          As they were dropped off, one student said, “I sure love this place!”  While many parents lingered, waiting for their child to perhaps change their mind, need direction, or have a meltdown, the faces of the parents seemed to express delight. Parents tended to walk hastily, skip, and even run out of the camp, pleased that their child was at one of the premier camps in the Panhandle and eager for them to experience the freedom that camp has to offer.

The North West Texas Annual Conference’s Ceta Canyon’s ministry is sacred ground. Many Polk Streeters share that sentiment as Ceta Canyon holds a special place in many of their hearts. Many have grown up going to Ceta Canyon, at camps, retreats, or a Walk to Emmaus. Many have experienced God, found community, grown deeper in faith, or connected with nature with the beauty Ceta Canyon, in the heart of Palo Duro Canyon. Well, I am one of those.

In 1994 (yes, I am old), I went on my Walk To Emmaus on Chrysalis Flight #12 at Ceta Canyon. I was profoundly blessed with a group of guys a lot like me, free to explore and experience faith in a fresh and rewarding way. I cherish those memories that formed my faith and life decisions of which I adhere to even to this day. Every time I go back to Ceta Canyon, it reminds me of that foundation of community and grace of which I was blessed with years ago.

Do you have a place like that?  Maybe a physical place or perhaps a spiritual place?  Somewhere you can experience freedom in faith, have empowering courage to explore deeper truth, find yourself in a community of love, or be found in a quiet place to be filled up with grace. My prayer is not only for our campers this week at our beloved Ceta Canyon, but for all of us, that we find a place and space to connect with God, others, and even our surroundings. I hope wherever it is, it is a great place we can love!

Kay Porter