Life Lessons from Dr. George Biffle - 10.1.19

There was an amazing confluence of events last Sunday. I picked last Sunday’s anthem a month ago. The Sanctuary choir had the opportunity to sight-sing it once, to dabble with it once, and to spend 25 minutes of last Wednesday’s rehearsal trying to learn it well enough to sing it in yesterday’s services.  As Nancy and I were driving home after rehearsal Wednesday evening, I mentioned to her that I felt badly about asking the choir to sing an offertory that they had insufficient chance to learn. I honestly didn’t have many good feelings about our ability to positively contribute to the services.

On Sunday morning at 8 am, during the warm-up prep for the anthem, I decided to skip the warm-up and proceed directly to rehearsing, aspiring to equip our singers with enough confidence in the notes, rhythms and entrances to adequately sing the composition (which they did quite admirably). At the 10:30 warm-up for the 2nd service, we had a very short warm-up, after which we started wading through the piece, again endeavoring to seek to accomplish an adequate rendition during the 10:55 am service.  As the time approached for the choir to leave in order to process into the service, Kathy Durrett asked to say a word--She implored all of us to focus on what we were singing about, not solely on the mechanics.  About that time, B. J. Campbell walked into the choir room and asked to speak to the choir.

B.J. thanked the choir members for attending her daughter’s funeral on Saturday and said the Twenty Third Psalm was sung at her other daughter’s funeral (she now has lost two daughters) and spoke to how much the anthem would mean to her.  We were all caught up in trying to do a really good performance for her. When I picked the anthem I had no idea that God meant for that chain of events to occur. As I stood in front of the Sanctuary Choir Sunday, It quickly became apparent that the Holy Spirit was involved in this. All of us were caught up in the music and Psalm.  The electricity in the Sanctuary was amazing. For these events to culminate in such a manner was indeed a sacred moment. The Holy Spirit is at Polk Street UMC, and we need to have faith God is in control. It’s our responsibility to get out of His way and let things happen!

Jacob Kuker