Life Lessons from Pastor Mark 7.21.19

Saying thank you and goodbye. Our staff shares these thoughts and prayers with DeAnne Oliver as she takes a new position at the Bridge.

Thank you DeAnne for all the ways you shared your life with our youth. Margie McNeirThank

Thank you DeAnne for your four and one-half years of loving and guiding our youth. We pray many blessings on you now and in the years to come. Kay Porter

Thank you DeAnne for all you did while here at PSUMC. Carol Moreno

Thank you DeAnne for your beautiful smile, positive attitude, and your perseverance through the “thick and thin.” George Biffle

Thank you for always being a positive example for the youth and staff. We will miss your smiling face. Merri Padilla

May the Lord bless you and keep you! Mike Jones

Thank you for your good spirits. Leonard Eastepp

Thanks for letting me accompany you on the piano, DEE-OH! Noel-Paul Laur

Thank you for your kindness and help from WT to now. You have truly impacted my life for the better. I’ll miss you. Holly Johnston

DeAnne, thank you for being a blessing to my kids, especially helping with Beth’s Surprise Sweet 16 birthday party when we’d only been here two weeks. God’s blessings on your next adventure! Mark Welshimer

Kay Porter