Life Lessons from Pastor Mark 7.7.19

Offer Them Christ

As you enter the offices of Polk Street, a compelling “Offer Them Christ” picture of John Wesley sending Thomas Coke to America in a boat, greets you at the door. It is a reminder to us that, as Christians, we have a living Christ to offer the world. This picture is a hallmark of Christianity, the heart of Methodism, and is literally in almost every United Methodist Church, because it’s just who we are.

This picture (by Kenneth Wyatt) is nothing new to me, yet is still as moving as it was when I first discovered it. It tells a story of the promise of spreading the Good News of Christ in the new American territory in 1784. It highlights a rich heritage that was begun more than two centuries ago and still unites us today: a concern for people to know the goodness of God, a passion to teach people the way that leads to life eternal, a deep care for the needs of others, a providing of practical ways for all people to connect with God through the sacraments and relevant worship services, a giving of hope to the hopeless, and being a blessing to those in need of a blessing.

When I first moved to Amarillo, I was so humbled to personally visit Kenneth Wyatt’s studio and hear his life story. His ministry, passion for painting, and journey with God is truly an inspiration. I learned that many people in Tulia (where he lives, 45 minutes south of Amarillo) were in his paintings. We even have a Polk Streeter, Steve Rohde, in “Offer Them Christ” who has now become sort of a celebrity in my eyes.

I love Kenneth Wyatt’s way of creatively and uniquely blending faith and art. Well, so does Polk Street. We have eight “Offer Them Christ” pictures in various rooms at Polk Street. On the second and third floors, Kenneth Wyatt’s portraits of the disciples and Jesus have been recently rehung.

I invite you to come and view them, whether it’s the first time or something you see every week. May we always be reminded as God’s people that we are commissioned to “Offer Them Christ.” Perhaps that’s what Jesus meant when he gave us the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19a,”Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…”

Kay Porter