Life Lessons from Pastor Mark 8.13.19



Football is in the air. Last Friday, I went and visited football Coach Dane Hamrick at Tascosa High School.  Since it was raining hard (yay!), they had to go indoors to practice drills and strategize. While there were tons of football players in the gym, you could hear the coaches clearly, as they were right in the middle of those players, and those players were listening to the coaches’ every word.

I was amazed at how big those football players were (especially some of the freshman) and how much hair they had (maybe I’m a little jealous)! Yet, no matter how big they were, they literally jumped when the coaches gave instruction, blew their whistle, or taught them a move. I couldn’t help but notice how much influence those coaches have.

When Coach Hamrick shared his witness at church on Sunday, we could see his remarkable passion for his team, and the consummate growth and well-being of the students with which he and the other coaches are entrusted. Well, I’ve seen it first hand, and the influence Coach Hamrick and the coaching staff have to guide and direct that team has helped them come together, play good football, and even be in contention for the championship last year.

At the Global Leadership Summit of 2019 at Willow Creek, a global leadership conference for influential leaders, the whole topic of their two-day training was…INFLUENCE.  While it can be complicated, everyone has it. Some have a lot; some have a little. Some use it for good; some for bad. Having influence takes leadership, listening, and getting right in the middle of the team, sometimes leading and sometimes following.

Who do we influence? Do we realize how much influence we have? Do we use it for good? When do we lead? When do we follow? You might not be a coach or a football player, but I bet you have a team and a coach (or are a coach) somewhere in your life. May we be influencers that foster teamwork, help each other out, and encourage people to be better.

 “Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds…” Hebrews 10:24

Kay Porter