Life Lessons from Pastor Mark 9.10.19


Large Church Pastors Gathering        

Last week, Polk Street gathered with the other 12 biggest churches in the Northwest Texas Annual Conference with our Bishop. We shared our hearts with prayer concerns and particularly grieved over the recent shootings in Odessa and Midland. As this was my first meeting, I was humbled by the camaraderie between the pastors and blessed by our Bishop Earl Bledsoe’s priority to pour life into us as pastors.

In this gathering, as I looked around, I was awed at the years of education, experience, gifts, and leadership, not only for them, but for the churches they represent. Yet, the thing that captivated me being around these substantial leaders is their desire to learn and grow, not only as individuals, but in their churches.

It was apparent that their yearning is to reach people and be relevant in ministry, not to just maintain their faith or their church. A lot has changed in church and faith life in 2019, so we reflected on how we lead for today. We discussed how we champion values, build and enhance quality ministry, and fervently learn, practice, and teach, as servant leaders. I have known some of my colleagues for quite a while, and others I just met at this gathering. But I was blessed to spend a day with them learning, growing, praying, and fellowshipping.

Mostly though, I was intrigued by how teachable each of their spirits were, especially our Bishop. They were real with their struggle, honest about their heart’s desires to serve, and passionate about learning how to reach people for Christ in the most effective ways. I will be back to learn, grow, and pray with them in a couple of months, as we continue to discern how to be the best leaders we can for our churches.

So… how teachable are we? We might not be pastors or leaders of churches, but what if the Lord had something to teach us today, that was relevant for our own lives? No matter how much we know, what gifts we have, or experience we might acquire, the Lord always has something new for us to learn. I pray that the next learning opportunity we have, no matter how or when it comes, we grow in the Lord from it. Maybe that’s why David prayed “Teach me your way, Lord,” in Psalm 86:11.


Kay Porter