Life Lessons from Pastor Mark 9.24.19


It’s Personal

Southeast Texas experienced flooding from Tropical Storm Imelda that ravaged many homes last week. Many families of our fellow Texans were flooded out or had property damaged by rising waters. It was heartbreaking to see so many people who have lost so much. It caused many of us to consider what we can do. But then, it became personal.

Dr. Burt Palmer, our previous Senior Pastor, now serves at Kingwood UMC in Northeast Houston. He shared how many fellow United Methodists were struggling with the floods. Presently, Kingwood has 58 families who were flooded, and 48 were displaced from their homes. For many, it is not just news, but a personal nightmare.

The United Methodist Church has an agency called UMCOR (The United Methodist Committee on Relief) that was on the frontlines helping people as soon as they could. Part of what we give to God in our tithes and offerings as a part of our overall Polk Street UMC budget goes to help fund UMCOR when we can’t personally be on the frontlines of vital ministry.

That part of our giving is called our Shared Ministries or Apportionments. So, thank you for you give to Polk Street UMC, as it helps not only Polk Street UMC be all it can be, but helps The United Methodist Church and UMCOR help people on the front lines of ministry. For our friends at Kingwood UMC, these general gifts are a personal blessing for them.

If you would like to help our friends at Kingwood UMC, Polk Street UMC will be donating much needed funds directly to Kingwood. What we give matters to help the church be on the frontlines, and even as extensions of our United Methodist connection. But, with Burt, it’s personal.

You might not ever know the difference you can personally make to a flooded and displaced family. So, if you are interested in helping, please let the church office know at 374-3891.

Kay Porter