Life Lessons from Pastor Mark 9.3.19


The Prayer Difference

Do you believe our prayers can make a difference? I do, and this is why…   

Last weekend, I officiated a wedding for a young man and his new bride. Years ago, I was his mentor through confirmation at First United Methodist Waco.  We would meet regularly over breakfast burritos and talk about life, God, and whatever the topic was that week for confirmation class. We would always end our breakfast with me praying for him, for whatever he wanted me to pray.

One of my commitments as his mentor was to pray for him daily throughout the entirety of the confirmation class. So I did. I remember even praying for him after that one class was over. When he struggled in Middle School, I prayed for him. When he played basketball in High School for the Robinson Rockets, I prayed for him. When he got his first job, you guessed it, I said a prayer for him.

So when I had the invitation to officiate at his wedding arose, I eagerly accepted. I asked him why, after all these years, he wanted me to be there. He shared that those breakfasts and prayers made a difference for him, and he knew that he was still on my prayer list. Well, he was and still is. And I felt so blessed to be able to pray for him and his new bride on their special day.

How committed are we to pray for our kids, our grandkids, our church, or our country? We never know what difference prayer might make for them, or even how we might be blessed by prayer.  I pray that our prayers make a difference.

Kay Porter